Wednesday, August 10, 2011

spontaneous Thursday #3..


life is not as simple as ABC or 123,
life is like puzzle and quizzes,
it is questionable..
but it doesn't mean we do not have to endeavour,
best thing is plan, effort, doa, then tawakal..
live to Allah to decide
because future is unpredictable..


Mr.Thinker@Ali said...

live is short. so, take not as long as you got time. because you never know what will come tomorrow.

visitme@FaTiN cOrNeR said...

@mr.thinker: wa...betol2..

Dearie Pearls said...

memang betol ar.. hidup ni xdelah senang tapi kita kena enjoy. tu yang pasti. enjoy bertempat. hehehe..

happy weekend fatin..
lama bebeno tak lepak2 kat sini. heheh