Friday, April 25, 2014

if u miss something~~


if u feel like miss something...

try look back at your past..

what have you done today, yesterday, day after yestesday..

have you utilise your time accordingly..

occupied your precious time with something..

something that bring thousands barakah on you..

have you done something badly..

badly hurt others, unintentionally hurting your parents, using harsh word, giving bad intention and perception, or feeling superior than anyone else..that is riak..

reflect..reflect..and do reflect yourself..

we human being..never escape from doing bad things..


find Allah.. dont stay away from Allah love. He love you..Allah is care for you..

at this calm and serenity morning..

dont feel tired to hand-fed.. ask Allah.. pray to Allah.. seek anything from Allah..

because Allah have 99 specialities..Asma Ul Husna~

open Quran..holding tasbih..

hoping always under His guidance.. praying to have strong heart to be always in His way.. wishing protection from Him.. doa untuk aku dan kau...



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