Monday, October 27, 2014

Spontaneous Monday~


Somehow I love my audit busy lifestyle because you wont have time to think unnecessary and even sinful things..*at some circumtances..

But, there must be opportunity cost. in order to gain something you have to let go on something.. but..for a while..

which is your hobbies.. *missing hiking already.. and taking longggg time to finish reading only gfor one book.

but, who said audit dont have social life? Who said become an auditor 'lambat kawen.sebab busy sgt'?*you are deadly wrong..

because i still have time for my parents especially, cooking all weekend, take a short walk around and etc..

anddd.. i have many friends who are auditor and just married and getting married soon. *Alhamdulillah congrats to them!

its just a matter of how you spent your time wisely. learning curve never end. *if you wish to learn every single things...

eventho somehow u become demotivated, why its too hard? y i'm not good in this and that, y i make this small mistake? *yeah! human not perfect. but, try to be perfect and fix the mistakes..

May Allah give me some strength. to face all difficulties. always have faith that every difficulties, if you face with sabr, full of effort and redha inshaa Allah Innallah ha ma'ana.. *motivate diri sendiri

for this while I love being Junior auditor. Inshaa Allah. lots of things need to absorb. hopefully, this first step will bring something in future..



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